UnlikeFossilFuels 💔🛢🔥🌍⏳

Unlike/unfollow the Facebook/Twitter pages of companies that promote fossil fuels

We are in a climate emergency. We need to keep fossil fuels in the ground. Now. Start by unliking all the companies that continue to actively promoting its use and nudge your friends to do the same!

Car companies 🚗💨

While most car companies are now heavily investing in electric vehicles (they have to), they all still continue to spend advertising dollars to promote SUV and combustible engines. In other words, they are still putting oil on the fire.

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Airlines 🛫

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Oil companies 🛢️🔥

Evidently oil companies contribute directly to climate change on a massive scale. Although some are investing increaingly in renewables this change is not happening anywhere near as rapidly as needed to avoid climate breakdown. Oil companies also continue to spend hundreds of millions lobbying to block climate change policies.

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